Episode 30: The Love Witch

Once again, The Priestesses go to the movies! This time, for a look at Anna Biller's occult-inspired tale of nightmarish beauty, The Love Witch. How does fantasy shape desire and love? Does a woman's greatest power really lie in her sexuality? Is that which we call a Jerry by any other name just as sweet? Dear listeners, in this episode, we give the rainbow to you...

Which (witch?) includes some discussion of: Sex magick, love spells, witchcraft, witch tropes, Tarot symbolism, the male/female dichotomy, skeevy covens, fashion, sexual abuse and violence, rape culture, mental illness, enabling, co-dependency, pornography, misogyny/misandry, pleasure, power, sensuality, secrecy, silence, paranoia, and much, much more.

- The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image, by Leonard Shlain: http://www.alphabetvsgoddess.com/
- Amberthest (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/user/amberthest
- Amberthest (Vid.me): https://vid.me/amberthest
- Jen Shakti: http://www.jenshakti.com/
- Column: Jen Shakti, the Modern Tattoo Shaman (The Wild Hunt): http://wildhunt.org/2017/04/column-jen-shakti-modern-tattoo-shaman.html

Sharing Space:
- A Dragon of a Different Color (Heartstrikers, Book 4), by Rachel Aaron: http://rachelaaron.net/series.php?SID=2
- The Fat Feminist Witch: http://fatfeministwitch.podbean.com/
- Sunstone by shiniez (NSFW): https://shiniez.deviantart.com/
- Xxxenophile (NSFW): http://www.drivethrucomics.com/browse/pub/2464/XXXenophile-Books
- Slipshine (NSFW): https://orgymania.net/
- Filthy Figments (NSFW): http://filthyfigments.com/

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Music: Rebecca E. Tripp


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