Saturday, March 26, 2016

Addendum: Paganicon 2016

It simply wasn't possible to cover everything regarding Paganicon in Episode 13. Also, we weren't sure if everyone would want to be mentioned directly in the episode. With that said, we want to give a big thank you to the following folks and organizations that we may or may not have mentioned on the show:

Everyone at Twin Cities Pagan Pride, for organizing and running the show, and being a damn fine group of upstanding Pagans. While we weren't able to connect with you guys much this year (for the purposes of the show), hopefully we can another time!

Shauna Aura Knight. Seriously, she's awesome and you should check out all of her stuff! Fiction, non-fiction, art - ALL OF IT. She's also been a guest on a number of other podkin podcasts.

Laura Tempest Zakroff. She came all the way from Seattle to be at Paganicon, and she was simply the best. Also check out ALL of her amazing art, designs, jewelry, and so much more. If you like what she does, please also consider supporting her on Patreon.

Heather Greene and The Wild Hunt. Heather is working on a book about the construction of the Hollywood Witch we know from film and television. It's due out in 2017, and we're really excited about it! Heather also did a nice write-up about this year's Paganicon recently.

Mambo Chita Tan and La Sosyete Fòs Fè Yo Wè. It was a privilege to be part of the Danbala Sevis. We learned a great deal, and appreciate all the effort that went into hosting the event. Mambo T has a book about Haitian Vodou available through Llewellyn.

Sandy, Smiley, Bryan, and anyone else who was remotely involved in supporting Circle Sanctuary at the con. You guys are awesome!

The delightful and welcoming Panists, Kip and Tiz. Thank you for sharing your passion and art! The wine smelled lovely (though Jacob nor Amanda drink). The labels were exceptional. ;)

Last, but not least, everyone from our local group(s) and anyone we forgot to mention! It was a wonderful time, and we were glad to share it with everyone. Peace out and Pagan on!

Episode 13: Paganicon 2016

The Priestesses crew (along with their friend Jodeen) talk about their recent experiences at Paganicon 2016. This convention is held annually near the Spring Equinox, and is organized by the lovely folks of Twin Cities Pagan Pride.

In this episode: Conventions vs. festivals, local and regional Pagan community, the rise and growing visibility of modern Paganism, workshops, panels, the power of ritual and group experience, Vodou, Loa, possession, time limits, Shauna Aura Knight, Laura Tempest Zakroff, sacred sound, Heather Greene, witches, magical mittens, Cerridewn's Cauldron, note-taking, minzoku NEO-shinto, convention-going tips, and more.

Volkhvy's Minzoku Shintou Sources can be found publicly here:



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Thursday, March 17, 2016

March Madness

A little update as we head into Paganicon this weekend:

Unfortunately, the war against the microbes has raged on. It seems to be an especially sickly time all over the place. This being the case, we opted to rest up before the weekend. We're planning to record a pair of episodes at the end of the month (our usual time), so let's hope it works out! In the meantime, if anyone would like to send a little positive energy for health and wellbeing our way, we wouldn't mind. ;)

In the meantime: Happy Spring Equinox/Ostara! May the vernal sun warm your spirit and shine into your life. Blessed be!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Behind the Podcast: Visual Basics

OK, we'll admit it. Our blog isn't the prettiest, the most well-designed, or the the most content rich. But you know what? We're doing what we can for now. None of our web design skills are exactly sharp and we're sorely lacking proper art.

Speaking of which: Our show's album cover thing? Jacob threw it together in 20 minutes so we could finally launch the podcast. We found the picture by searching the Creative Commons, then throwing text on it using GIMP. Without art assets holding us up any longer, we were free to fly.

That iconic face belongs to actress and World War II era pin-up girl Dusty Anderson. Here's another one of Dusty, for good measure:
Dusty Anderson, circa 1945.
Doesn't she look fucking AMAZING?! We really enjoy pin-up girls over here!

Our original concept was to have drawn/sketched artwork for the show that featured us in some kind of kitschy, witchy pin-up type scenario, along with a stylized logo for "The Priestesses." Alas, it was not to be. That said, we're still hoping to create or find the funds to commission something proper one of these days. Until then, Dusty's working the witchface for us.

The Wheel Keeps On Turnin'

From Faiwen's DeviantArt gallery.
Paganicon is fast approaching! By this time next week, we should be into the thick of it, rubbing elbows with some of the finest Paganfolk around. Hard to believe it and the Spring Equinox are upon us already this year.

We're recording another episode next week. It's on the calendar, at least. And it might even come out before the convention, should "El Producer" have it ready in time. Our intent with the last recording session was to do both the Roots and Branches episode, as well as an episode about a certain film (or films). Unfortunately, it didn't work out at the time. But fortunately, this has given us more time to plan the episode and expand it's content a bit. Also, we won't feel like we're rushing through it. Always a plus.

That aside, we've all been doing other stuff. Funny how life has a way of stepping in to overtake hobbies... like podcasting. Amanda's got a stunning bunch o' events going on this month. Aimee's been organizing group stuff, parenting, fighting the good fight against the microbes of Earth, and learning new professional skills. Jacob's been mulling over personal health (and related costs), career/education options, and what to do/where to go next. All of this on top of us working like beasts. Let it never be said that Wisconsin winters are uneventful or necessarily quiet. We don't stop for ice, or snow, or mild weather, or any damn thing.

All that said, we hope your winter has been well, and your spring blossoms sweet and true, with a promise of great things to come! As always... Peace out and Pagan on.