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Episode 47: Minzoku Neo-Shinto

In this episode, Jacob travels to the fabled Twin Cities in mystical land of Minnesota, for a field interview with minzoku NEO-shintôist and shrine-runner, Volkhvy. What is minzoku NEO-shintô? How does it connect with the bigger picture of Shinto practice? And how does one go about it? Grab your haraegushi, because this episode is completely shide!

Minzoku Neo-Shinto:
- shi-yaku-jin no hokora:
- minzoku NEO-shintô: A Book of Little Traditions:
- Sacred Cedar Shrine:
- shi-yaku-jin no hokora / minzoku NEO-shintô (Facebook):
- minzoku NEO-shintô (Facebook Group):

Volkhvy's Shinto Reading List:
- Shinto: The Kami Way, by Sokyo Ono:
- Shinto Norito: A Book of Prayers, by Ann Llewell…