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Spring Fling

Spring has finally arrived properly here in Wisconsin. Enjoyment of the sunshine and warm breeze is a cathartic experience after the tendrils of winter held on so long again this year. The land returns to life. That aside, it's important to note that we'll be on hiatus until late May or possibly early June. We're giving ourselves some time to get the "studio" fully set up in a new location. We're moving it out of Jacob's spare room and into Amanda's basement/sex dungeon/home for wayward Pagans. The new location should be a good fit for us. The sound insulation is better down there, it shouldn't get hot like a sauna so easily, and we'll finally (hopefully) be rid of the creaky chairs. Jacob, for his part, is likely moving in the next few months. Where to? He's not sure yet. Just that he's moving. He'll still be producing the show with/for us - in that he'll help to plan the content, edit episodes, etc. But he may not gue

The Podkin

It's entirely possible that some of you aren't familiar with the scope of the Pagan podcasting world, so we wanted to take the time to recognize and link to some of our fellow Podkin, because they damn well deserve it. Yes, we're unlikely to capture all of them here. They're not Pokemon, after all. But we'll at least collect some of them that we're familiar with, so that you might feast your ears, should you like. Like the herd of cats we are, we Pagan podcasters don't have our own podcasting network or collected archives (although some do, kind of). There might one day be incentive to do it for the sake of preserving our collected works for future generations. Or for general reference. Because some episodes and even entire podcasts have vanished unto the ages already - their audio files scattered to the four winds. For now, at least we have the  The Pagan Podlist . This excellent website captures many of the active, on hiatus, and out-of-production Pa

Episode 14: The Priestesses Go to the Movies - Chocolat/Like Water for Chocolate

The Priestesses are back at the movies! This time, they take a look at the kitchen witch classics Chocolat and Like Water for Chocolate. Are they "Pagan movies?" Are they "feminist films?" Is there anything we can take from these films? Among the things discussed in this episode: Comparing the films with the books, Witchy women, sexy river rats, Johnny Depp, Dame Judi Dench, priests, Catholicism, fundamentalism, intolerance, xenophobia, Christianity and Paganism, kitchen witchery, folklore, food, Tita's horrible mother, why Pedro is a dick, a lot about the burning hot passion of Gertrudis, and much, much more. Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp (