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Spring Break

Hello, and a merry early Spring Equinox/Ostara to you! We just released our latest episode, Episode 38: The Pilgrim's Path . We hope you enjoy listening to it. We'll be back in the recording studio sometime in April, and our next episode may be a good 6-to-8 weeks away from now (mid-March). So, if you find yourself wondering when our next episode is, it'll around Beltane or later. In the meantime, we'll be on a sort of "spring break." Sort of. We hope your spring is a well-deserved wind of warmth. And as always, peace out and Pagan on.

Episode 38: The Pilgrim's Path

For modern Pagans, what does pilgrimage mean? Largely removed from the paths, places, and practices of ancient Paganism, what is pilgrimage like for us? And what does it mean? Treading the way, Amanda and Jacob are joined by Irish Seabhean and returning guest, Danise Shipley. Along the road, these travelers explore expectations, experience, faith, preparation, planning, relating to places, getting naked, recovery, processing, inner vs. outer travel, journeying, working with limitations, experiences, helpful tips, and so much more. Sharing Space: - Under the Ancient Oaks (Patheos blog), by John Beckett: - The Mead Tenders Who Weren't There (blog post), by John Beckett: - The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún (manga): - The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog: The Landscape of C