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Episode 20: The Magick of Musick

Recorded in May 2016 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Eau Claire, WI. Aimee and Amanda are joined by our friend, mentor, and wondercrone, Aeona Silversong, for some live performances and an exploration of the power of music, sound, and vibrations in Pagan practice. Along the way, they also touch on: Keeping track of and losing our recent musical roots, attributing sources, secrecy and knowledge, passing down traditions, the humanity of music, connecting through sound, what makes song sacred, working with sound as an individual and in group practice, Völva Stav, musical meditation, the origins of music, why drum circles matter, Miyazaki films, the importance of listening to the natural world, the problems with perfection, and much more. Music performed in this episode: - Cirlce Round the Fire by Selena Fox and Jim Alan - Original songs by Aeona Silversong Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesse

Episode 19: Pagan Atheism

Recorded Thanksgiving weekend 2016, Amanda reunites with our good friend Rhea for a discussion on the concept of Pagan Atheism/Atheist Paganism. What does this mean and how does it work? Along the way, they touch on: The value of skepticism, pseudoscience, woo woo, reconciling science and Paganism, science and magic, the GMO and vaccine controversies, the challenges of the Pagan and Atheist communities, evil in the name of religion, the ethics of animal testing, ghosts, how we experience reality, the purpose of life, accepting others and acceptance in community, not being Pagan enough, consent, discrimination, trigger warnings, communication, options, and much more. Some podcasts mentioned in this episode: StarTalk Radio, Penn's Sunday School, Geeks Without God, The Atheist Perspective, and The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp (www.crystale

Episode 18: Beyond the Binary

For an exploration of the gender binary in Paganism, Amanda and Jacob are joined by their friend and guest, Jess, who's a non-binary individual, solitary Pagan, and current UW student. In this episode: Gender pronouns, the problems of gender identity, the meaning of genderqueer, the power and problems with labels, the possibilities of non-binary Paganism, the gendered nature of deities and worship,  how to craft inclusive rituals, trying to find a place in the community, the forms of deity, defining elements of pagan culture, being undefined, the stereotypes and ideals of masculinity and femininity, the rise of patriarchy, sacred gender roles, the evolution of Western cultures, how to broaden our Pagan experience, the power of acceptance in community, shaping the future, inclusivity and equity in community, the Jolly Green Giant, solitary vs. group challenges, building inclusive ritual spaces, the importance of communication, mystery traditions, scary animals, sex characteristics

Episode 17: 'Tis the Season

Samhain and Halloween are upon us once again! Falling at the same time, do these holidays clash or compliment one another? Is Halloween too commercialized? Is Samhain too secular? As we explore those questions and more, we talk about: The mainstreaming of the occult, family traditions, mixed feelings over Samhain and Halloween, planning and pacing for the fall season, secular and sacred circles, where the celebrations meet, Day of the Dead, trick or treating rituals, honoring ancestors, dealing with death and loss, making time to honor the dead, the veil between worlds, the possibility of an afterlife, the life cycle, ownership of our own terms, and much more. Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp (

Episode 16: Divining Divinity

For a discussion on relationship(s) with deity/deities, we're joined by our friend and guest, Danise Shipley, who is a teacher and practitioner of Irish Shamanism. Along the way we explore: Journeying, encountering the gods, mixing pantheons, modes and methods of relationship, communication with the gods, personal vs. impersonal relation,  synchronicity, callings, gods in the past and here in the present, divine changeability, mysticism, goddess spirituality, the feminine and masculine divine, origins and roots of the gods, individualized experience, humanity in divinity, gods as exemplars, etymology, epistemology, modern mythology, pop pantheons, benefits and difficulties to divine relationships, and so much more. Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp ( )

Episode 15: Casting a Wider Circle

In this episode, the Priestesses are joined for a secular perspective by transgender activist and friend of the show, Marie. Along the way, they talk about: Transgender issues and controversies in Paganism, women's groups, feminist principles, transition experiences, genderism and trans discrimination, the power of fear, building walled gardens, making safe spaces, perceptions and bias, group dynamics, inclusivity, the importance of healing and support, men's and women's circles, the concept of perfect love and perfect trust, and much, much more.   Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp (

Return of the Priestesses

The Priestesses return to podcasting after a summer hiatus! In this mini-episode: Aimee, Amanda, and Jacob sit down to talk about what they've been up to, what the podcast is (now), what it might become, and what's next.   Website:   Email:   Twitter: @ThePriestesses   Facebook: The Priestesses   Music: Rebecca E. Tripp (

Bonus: Cries from the Dungeon

In this mini-episode update, Amanda and Jacob have an impromptu chat about: Transitions, what's next for the show, the new studio space in Amanda's Dungeon, the recent rumors about The Craft remake/sequel, the new iyashi-kei/slice of life anime series Flying Witch (available on Crunchyroll), and a little  (probably the last for a while) about the tropes of witches and Pagans in pop culture. Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp (

Spring Fling

Spring has finally arrived properly here in Wisconsin. Enjoyment of the sunshine and warm breeze is a cathartic experience after the tendrils of winter held on so long again this year. The land returns to life. That aside, it's important to note that we'll be on hiatus until late May or possibly early June. We're giving ourselves some time to get the "studio" fully set up in a new location. We're moving it out of Jacob's spare room and into Amanda's basement/sex dungeon/home for wayward Pagans. The new location should be a good fit for us. The sound insulation is better down there, it shouldn't get hot like a sauna so easily, and we'll finally (hopefully) be rid of the creaky chairs. Jacob, for his part, is likely moving in the next few months. Where to? He's not sure yet. Just that he's moving. He'll still be producing the show with/for us - in that he'll help to plan the content, edit episodes, etc. But he may not gue

The Podkin

It's entirely possible that some of you aren't familiar with the scope of the Pagan podcasting world, so we wanted to take the time to recognize and link to some of our fellow Podkin, because they damn well deserve it. Yes, we're unlikely to capture all of them here. They're not Pokemon, after all. But we'll at least collect some of them that we're familiar with, so that you might feast your ears, should you like. Like the herd of cats we are, we Pagan podcasters don't have our own podcasting network or collected archives (although some do, kind of). There might one day be incentive to do it for the sake of preserving our collected works for future generations. Or for general reference. Because some episodes and even entire podcasts have vanished unto the ages already - their audio files scattered to the four winds. For now, at least we have the  The Pagan Podlist . This excellent website captures many of the active, on hiatus, and out-of-production Pa

Episode 14: The Priestesses Go to the Movies - Chocolat/Like Water for Chocolate

The Priestesses are back at the movies! This time, they take a look at the kitchen witch classics Chocolat and Like Water for Chocolate. Are they "Pagan movies?" Are they "feminist films?" Is there anything we can take from these films? Among the things discussed in this episode: Comparing the films with the books, Witchy women, sexy river rats, Johnny Depp, Dame Judi Dench, priests, Catholicism, fundamentalism, intolerance, xenophobia, Christianity and Paganism, kitchen witchery, folklore, food, Tita's horrible mother, why Pedro is a dick, a lot about the burning hot passion of Gertrudis, and much, much more. Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp (

Addendum: Paganicon 2016

It simply wasn't possible to cover everything regarding Paganicon  in Episode 13. Also, we weren't sure if everyone would want to be mentioned directly in the episode. With that said, we want to give a big thank you to the following folks and organizations that we may or may not have mentioned on the show: Everyone at Twin Cities Pagan Pride , for organizing and running the show, and being a damn fine group of upstanding Pagans. While we weren't able to connect with you guys much this year (for the purposes of the show), hopefully we can another time! Shauna Aura Knight . Seriously, she's awesome and you should check out all of her stuff! Fiction, non-fiction, art - ALL OF IT. She's also been a guest on a number of other podkin podcasts . Laura Tempest Zakroff . She came all the way from Seattle to be at Paganicon, and she was simply the best. Also check out ALL of her amazing art, designs, jewelry, and so much more. If you like what she does, please also cons

Episode 13: Paganicon 2016

The Priestesses crew (along with their friend Jodeen) talk about their recent experiences at Paganicon 2016. This convention is held annually near the Spring Equinox, and is organized by the lovely folks of Twin Cities Pagan Pride. In this episode: Conventions vs. festivals, local and regional Pagan community, the rise and growing visibility of modern Paganism, workshops, panels, the power of ritual and group experience, Vodou, Loa, possession, time limits, Shauna Aura Knight, Laura Tempest Zakroff, sacred sound, Heather Greene, witches, magical mittens, Cerridewn's Cauldron, note-taking, minzoku NEO-shinto, convention-going tips, and more. Volkhvy's Minzoku Shintou Sources can be found publicly here: Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp (

March Madness

A little update as we head into Paganicon this weekend: Unfortunately, the war against the microbes has raged on. It seems to be an especially sickly time all over the place. This being the case, we opted to rest up before the weekend. We're planning to record a pair of episodes at the end of the month (our usual time), so let's hope it works out! In the meantime, if anyone would like to send a little positive energy for health and wellbeing our way, we wouldn't mind. ;) In the meantime: Happy Spring Equinox/Ostara! May the vernal sun warm your spirit and shine into your life. Blessed be!

Behind the Podcast: Visual Basics

OK, we'll admit it. Our blog isn't the prettiest, the most well-designed, or the the most content rich. But you know what? We're doing what we can for now. None of our web design skills are exactly sharp and we're sorely lacking proper art. Speaking of which: Our show's album cover thing? Jacob threw it together in 20 minutes so we could finally  launch the podcast. We found the picture by searching the Creative Commons, then throwing text on it using GIMP. Without art assets holding us up any longer, we were free to fly. That iconic face belongs to actress and World War II era pin-up girl Dusty Anderson . Here's another one of Dusty, for good measure: Dusty Anderson, circa 1945. Doesn't she look fucking AMAZING?! We really enjoy pin-up girls over here! Our original concept was to have drawn/sketched artwork for the show that featured us in some kind of kitschy, witchy pin-up type scenario, along with a stylized logo for "The Priestesses.&qu

The Wheel Keeps On Turnin'

From Faiwen's DeviantArt gallery . Paganicon is fast approaching! By this time next week, we should be into the thick of it, rubbing elbows with some of the finest Paganfolk around. Hard to believe it and the Spring Equinox are upon us already this year. We're recording another episode next week. It's on the calendar, at least. And it might even come out before the convention, should "El Producer" have it ready in time. Our intent with the last recording session was to do both the Roots and Branches episode, as well as an episode about a certain film (or films). Unfortunately, it didn't work out at the time. But fortunately, this has given us more time to plan the episode and expand it's content a bit. Also, we won't feel like we're rushing through it. Always a plus. That aside, we've all been doing other stuff. Funny how life has a way of stepping in to overtake hobbies... like podcasting. Amanda's got a stunning bunch o' event

Episode 12: Roots and Branches

Amanda sits down with guests Aeona, Molly, and Skya to talk about the roots and branches of the intergenerational Pagan community. Along the way they talk about: Sources, nudism, proselytizers, the history and character of American Paganism, Elspeth Odbert, storytelling, connecting across generations, sharing traditions, intellectual property, creative appropriation, practicing in the Midwest, ritual resources, group dynamics, new and old ideas, change, creativity, circle/group practice and size, Paganism as living myth, the influence of media, Scott Cunningham, being an elder, "big nose" Pagans, titles, hierarchies, and more. Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp ( )

Beyond the Winter Doldrums

It's February, post-Imbolc, and the cabin fever is running pretty high. Here in Wisconsin, it's been fairly warm, and much of the snow has melted, but it's still grey and chilly and little fun outdoors. We have, however, been keeping reasonably busy, and that chariot will probably keep rolling on for awhile. We may or may not have a new episode before the end of the month. Recording happens at the end of this week. We're doing a "Generations" episode this time around. Unlike the Pagan Parenting duology, this one is meant to look at generational differences within the (local) Pagan community. It's an assessment based on age. We've noticed that some older Pagans have different affinities and influences than we have which have drawn them to or kept them on a Pagan path. We're going to explore that a little with some friends of ours. Beyond that, as older Pagans age and eventually pass on, what are we losing in the transition? Who's chronic

Episode 11: Love Spells

It's the maniacal Episode 11: Love Spells! Start your Valentine's Day right. Find it on iTunes or right here:

The Road So Far

Here  be our latest episodes, for your listening convenience: As always, you can find ALL episodes of the podcast, including episodes 0-7 (and bonus episodes), on iTunes or here . Happy listening!


If you've seen the old website, then this will be new to you. Yes, we've moved! Since we're just started setting up here, it might be a little messy for awhile. In the meantime, if you're not subscribed to the podcast through iTunes or getting it through our RSS feed , you can listen to or download all of our past episodes here . Expect that we'll messing with the design and layout of the site now and then. Currently, we want to commission some more refined artwork for the podcast, as well as some web assets (like a logo). If you're interested, or know anyone, please send us an email . As always: Peace out and Pagan on!