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Episode 31: Love and Trust

What does love and trust mean in Paganism? And why does it matter in our relationships? Or to our loved ones, our communities, our practices, or ourselves? Does love and trust need to be "perfect?" Do they make us weak? In this ardent installment, Amanda and Jacob raise their cups to explore what's just so damn important about love and trust. Drink deep with us, dear listeners, as we quaff the heady brew of: Communication, trauma, vulnerability, negotiating healthy boundaries, holding space, cognitive delusions and behavioral techniques, brokenness, perfection, self love, acceptance, expectations, faith, belief, doubt, intention, manifesting, proverbs about love, the types of love, balance, the economics of relationships, acts of creation, emotion and reason, justice, power, and so very much more. Links: Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp

Episode 30: The Love Witch

Once again, The Priestesses go to the movies! This time, for a look at Anna Biller's occult-inspired tale of nightmarish beauty, The Love Witch . How does fantasy shape desire and love? Does a woman's greatest power really lie in her sexuality? Is that which we call a Jerry by any other name just as sweet? Dear listeners, in this episode, we give the rainbow to you... Which (witch?) includes some discussion of: Sex magick, love spells, witchcraft, witch tropes, Tarot symbolism, the male/female dichotomy, skeevy covens, fashion, sexual abuse and violence, rape culture, mental illness, enabling, co-dependency, pornography, misogyny/misandry, pleasure, power, sensuality, secrecy, silence, paranoia, and much, much more. Mailbag: - The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image, by Leonard Shlain: - Amberthest (YouTube): - Amberthest ( - Jen Shakti