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Episode 25: Paganicon II - The Paganing

In this impromptu episode, Amanda and Jacob sit down with friend-of-the-show Amy to belatedly talk about their experiences this year at Paganicon 2017. Along the way, there's talk about: Ritual experience in a convention setting, sound work, Wendy Rule, Kari Tauring, Laura Tempest Zakroff, The Nathaniel Johnstone Band (and Dogwood), boundaries, costuming, musical performances, intensity, personal and spiritual safety, mental health, spiritual growth, trauma, aftercare, being in your body, movement, getting out of the ordinary, academic tracks, doing research, choosing panels, scheduling, Volkhvy, John the Verbose, Jason Mankey, The Horned God, understanding deity in the past and the present, and much more. Sharing Space: - Jason Mankey: - Sherry Merriam, Mark J. Engstrom-Reese, and Alex Iantaffi - Sydney Bell: - Mambo Chita Tann:

Episode 24: Some Things Borrowed

In this exciting installment about syncretism, borrowing, and appropriation, we're joined by our scientist-friend and "experienced witch," Gary. What are some of the things Pagans have taken from elsewhere? What makes something "appropriation?" When is it ethical to borrow? If we're coming from another faith, tradition, or practice, what do we bring with us into Paganism that we maybe thought we'd left behind? Along the journey, we also touch on: The pitfalls of intent, issues of identity, learning and exchange, multicultural influences, supersession, our relationship and responsibility to what we take, trends in contemporary Pagan traditions, re-interpreting deities, the importance of honesty, reinventing the wheel, tradition vs. clean slate, co-creation, leftovers, looking forward with intent, and much, much more. Sharing Space : - Beaver Creek Reserve (Fall Creek, WI): - USGS North American Bird Banding Program: