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Episode 21: Loose Ends

In the first half of this episode, we talk about the concept of loose ends - those things left unsaid, undone, or unfulfilled in life and what we can do about them. Along the way, we talk about: Change, loss, death, endings, closure moving on, leaving things unsaid and/or undone, cycles, seasons (especially the challenges of Winter), energy changes, Wisconsin weather, reflection, comfort in stillness, setting goals, hitting limits, mind/body/spirit, magick brownies, making (hard) choices, responsibility, the resource of time, discerning what's important, the will of the gods, the role of fate, balancing positivity and negativity, interconnectedness, and more. In the second half, we address questions surrounding some of our previous episodes, including: Identity politics, non-binary Paganism, T. Thorn Coyle, Lasara Firefox Allen, the challenges of magick (especially love spells), intentional and unintentional magick, influence and control, fairy tales, who owns holidays (and what t