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Episode 42: Recovery

Amanda, Aimee, and Jacob are joined by their friend Sam for a sobering discussion about alcohol, addiction, and recovery in Pagan culture. How do we hold space for those who struggle with addition or those in recovery? What resources does the Paganosphere provide? And just where is that higher power found? In pursuit of those questions, and the answer to life, the universe, and everything, the gang comes clean about: Socio-cultural pressures, alcohol in ritual and sacred spaces, the challenges of shared experience, navigating support groups, AA, twelve-step programs, creating inclusive events and spaces, the will to action, finding what works for you, and a whole lot more. Disclaimer: The Priestesses do not advocate for or condone alcohol abuse or illegal drug use. The purpose of this episode is for topical discussion, storytelling, and the free expression of opinion only. Mentions: - Burger King: - Bill W. (Wikipedia): -