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Episode 26: A Way With Evil

For this deep, interfaith discussion on the nature and problem of evil, we're joined by Dr. Charlene P.E. Burns, Christian theologian and Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Pagans, polytheists, pantheists, panenetheists, witches, and all the other pwords deal with the challenges of evil and suffering as much as anyone. How do we address that within ourselves, our communities, and across faiths? Where do our traditions stand on the problem of evil? What kind of theo/alogies might we develop? Where does evil come from? How do we even know what "evil" is? Along the journey, we also talk about: Concepts of evil, absolutism, personal responsibility, meaning and suffering, modern Paganism's challenges with evil, human capacity and potential, ahistorical romanticism, the psychological shadow, roles we play, natural evil, The Fifth Element (film), interconnectedness, dual inclinations, Christian (and other) perspectives on evil, where e