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Episode 20: The Magick of Musick

Recorded in May 2016 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Eau Claire, WI. Aimee and Amanda are joined by our friend, mentor, and wondercrone, Aeona Silversong, for some live performances and an exploration of the power of music, sound, and vibrations in Pagan practice. Along the way, they also touch on: Keeping track of and losing our recent musical roots, attributing sources, secrecy and knowledge, passing down traditions, the humanity of music, connecting through sound, what makes song sacred, working with sound as an individual and in group practice, Völva Stav, musical meditation, the origins of music, why drum circles matter, Miyazaki films, the importance of listening to the natural world, the problems with perfection, and much more. Music performed in this episode: - Cirlce Round the Fire by Selena Fox and Jim Alan - Original songs by Aeona Silversong Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesse

Episode 19: Pagan Atheism

Recorded Thanksgiving weekend 2016, Amanda reunites with our good friend Rhea for a discussion on the concept of Pagan Atheism/Atheist Paganism. What does this mean and how does it work? Along the way, they touch on: The value of skepticism, pseudoscience, woo woo, reconciling science and Paganism, science and magic, the GMO and vaccine controversies, the challenges of the Pagan and Atheist communities, evil in the name of religion, the ethics of animal testing, ghosts, how we experience reality, the purpose of life, accepting others and acceptance in community, not being Pagan enough, consent, discrimination, trigger warnings, communication, options, and much more. Some podcasts mentioned in this episode: StarTalk Radio, Penn's Sunday School, Geeks Without God, The Atheist Perspective, and The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp (www.crystale