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Episode 12: Roots and Branches

Amanda sits down with guests Aeona, Molly, and Skya to talk about the roots and branches of the intergenerational Pagan community. Along the way they talk about: Sources, nudism, proselytizers, the history and character of American Paganism, Elspeth Odbert, storytelling, connecting across generations, sharing traditions, intellectual property, creative appropriation, practicing in the Midwest, ritual resources, group dynamics, new and old ideas, change, creativity, circle/group practice and size, Paganism as living myth, the influence of media, Scott Cunningham, being an elder, "big nose" Pagans, titles, hierarchies, and more. Website: Email: Twitter: @ThePriestesses Facebook: The Priestesses Music: Rebecca E. Tripp ( )

Beyond the Winter Doldrums

It's February, post-Imbolc, and the cabin fever is running pretty high. Here in Wisconsin, it's been fairly warm, and much of the snow has melted, but it's still grey and chilly and little fun outdoors. We have, however, been keeping reasonably busy, and that chariot will probably keep rolling on for awhile. We may or may not have a new episode before the end of the month. Recording happens at the end of this week. We're doing a "Generations" episode this time around. Unlike the Pagan Parenting duology, this one is meant to look at generational differences within the (local) Pagan community. It's an assessment based on age. We've noticed that some older Pagans have different affinities and influences than we have which have drawn them to or kept them on a Pagan path. We're going to explore that a little with some friends of ours. Beyond that, as older Pagans age and eventually pass on, what are we losing in the transition? Who's chronic

Episode 11: Love Spells

It's the maniacal Episode 11: Love Spells! Start your Valentine's Day right. Find it on iTunes or right here:

The Road So Far

Here  be our latest episodes, for your listening convenience: As always, you can find ALL episodes of the podcast, including episodes 0-7 (and bonus episodes), on iTunes or here . Happy listening!


If you've seen the old website, then this will be new to you. Yes, we've moved! Since we're just started setting up here, it might be a little messy for awhile. In the meantime, if you're not subscribed to the podcast through iTunes or getting it through our RSS feed , you can listen to or download all of our past episodes here . Expect that we'll messing with the design and layout of the site now and then. Currently, we want to commission some more refined artwork for the podcast, as well as some web assets (like a logo). If you're interested, or know anyone, please send us an email . As always: Peace out and Pagan on!