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Episode 44: Calling Direction

In this squirrelly episode, Amanda, Aimee, and Jacob look to the matters of direction, intention, attraction, manifesting, and seeking guidance. What do these mean? Where do we find them? And just how the the universe are they supposed to work? Not all who wander are lost, so come along for an encompassing journey about: The law of attraction, thought and behavior patterns, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the drumbeat of time, limitations, mentors, sources of support and guidance, choosing consciously, goal-making, wants and needs, expectations, self-questioning and self-doubt, accountability, geas (actually pronounced "geSH"), rewards, creating new habits and routines, allowing failure, Pavlov's cat, and much, much more... Squirrel! Mentions: - SMART Goals: - The Pomodoro Technique: - Orphan Black: - This Isn’t the Ko

Episode 43: Shamama Knows

In this brief, strange trip, Amanda and Jacob sit down with the enigmatic "Shamama," for a little look into the history and use of entheogens and psychedelics in modern Paganism. Are drug culture and Pagan culture somehow inseparable? What connects us to sacred experience? And what made "Neo-Paganism" so "neo," anyways? Mentions: - Timothy Leary: - Ram Dass (Richard Albert): - Terrence McKenna: - Peter Max: - Legal history of cannabis in the United States: - Marijuana Timeline: - A Social History Of America's Most Popular Drugs: - The Grateful Dead: http://www.dea