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Ten Easy Ways To Celebrate Yule

by Aimee Finding time to make this time of year meaningful is a challenge no matter what you believe in. For those of us with young children, the constraints on our time and energy are even greater. Whenever I’ve consulted websites or books, I would get a little overwhelmed with some of the complexities that can go with the activities. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few easy ways to weave a little magic and fun into the holidays without overtaxing my already limited resources. 1. Hello, Sun! It’s a romantic idea to get up with the sun rising in the East to meditate quietly and welcome the return of the Sun, maybe with a perfectly timed Sun Salutation in front of a beautiful altar alight with candles. Yeah, that doesn’t happen at my house either. I’ve read so many manuals that say you should get up at dawn to herald the return of the Light. If you have young kids, or you know, work for a living, sleep is precious. Welcome the sun whenever you get up, trust me S/He doesn’t mind waiti

Episode 35: Meditate On This

Meditation is an oft-used tool in the spiriutal toolbox, buy why? What are the purposes of meditation? What forms can it take? Who should venture to meditate? How does it fit into Pagan practice? In this contemplative episode, Amanda and Jacob attune to the vibrational hum of the universe for an insightful and varied discussion about their experiences with meditative practice and how those fit into the Paganosphere. Along the way, there's talk about meditational goals, methods, types of meditation, journeying, the role of our senses, focus, attention, connection, altering consciousness, the use of mind-altering substances, self-knowledge, awareness, effort, using caution, expectations, and more... Mailbag: - Thanks to Sarah, Dylan, and Matthew! - The Last Keepers (2013): - Love Magic, by Lilith Dorsey: Sharing Space: - Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (anime): http://www

Pagan Research Links

Pagan Research! This was mentioned in an episode many months ago and I forgot to post the links to the two panels I went to at Paganicon about researching. The first is the blog of a pagan who is passionate about historical researcher and shares the resources they find ( ). This page is literally a summary of the panel presentation. The second is a list of resources from Soli's Virtual Library ( ) which offers a lot of good starting places and suggestions for resources. ~ Amanda