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Episode 23: Paganly Political

For this difficult episode, we're joined by our close friend, Panentheistic Pagan, and UU clergy member, Julie. We start out talking a bit about the beginnings of activism in the Pagan community, then roll into exploring where Pagans fall on the political spectrum and why. From there, we talk about: Pagan demographics, magickal activism, the difficulties of effecting change, mixing politics and religion, setting an example, the imperative of activism, interconnectedness and fundamental rights, the growing appeal of Paganism, how we're seen by society, living our values, how we're politically active, the problems with complacency, getting involved, establishing safe spaces, cognitive dissonance, fostering communication and understanding, the keys of leadership, being informed, how the current political climate affects us, the individual and society, and much, much more. Sharing Space: - Rules For Rulers (CGP Grey) :