Spring Fling

Spring has finally arrived properly here in Wisconsin. Enjoyment of the sunshine and warm breeze is a cathartic experience after the tendrils of winter held on so long again this year.

The land returns to life.

That aside, it's important to note that we'll be on hiatus until late May or possibly early June. We're giving ourselves some time to get the "studio" fully set up in a new location. We're moving it out of Jacob's spare room and into Amanda's basement/sex dungeon/home for wayward Pagans. The new location should be a good fit for us. The sound insulation is better down there, it shouldn't get hot like a sauna so easily, and we'll finally (hopefully) be rid of the creaky chairs.

Jacob, for his part, is likely moving in the next few months. Where to? He's not sure yet. Just that he's moving. He'll still be producing the show with/for us - in that he'll help to plan the content, edit episodes, etc. But he may not guest on another episode for some time to come. In part because we may have to figure how to make that work remotely. We like having him sit in now and then of course, but we understand and wish him well on his journeys (when they arrive).

For the next batch of episodes we're working on some juicy topics we hope you'll very much enjoy. We don't want to jinx it by offering specifics just yet, but we will say: We've been looking forward to doing these for quite some time! For the time being, we'll be planning and lining up our possible guests. Until then... peace out and Pagan on!


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