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It's entirely possible that some of you aren't familiar with the scope of the Pagan podcasting world, so we wanted to take the time to recognize and link to some of our fellow Podkin, because they damn well deserve it. Yes, we're unlikely to capture all of them here. They're not Pokemon, after all. But we'll at least collect some of them that we're familiar with, so that you might feast your ears, should you like.

Like the herd of cats we are, we Pagan podcasters don't have our own podcasting network or collected archives (although some do, kind of). There might one day be incentive to do it for the sake of preserving our collected works for future generations. Or for general reference. Because some episodes and even entire podcasts have vanished unto the ages already - their audio files scattered to the four winds.

For now, at least we have the The Pagan Podlist. This excellent website captures many of the active, on hiatus, and out-of-production Pagan podcasts out there. It is by no means a complete list, but it's got a lot.

As for those Podkin we know best and who've influenced us the most, we highly recommend the following:

It's probably no secret that this podcast a perennial favorite of ours. Hosted by our dear Fire Lyte, it's even better than ever - and now at Episode 100! Yes, he mentioned us recently (which had us grinning madly), but that's not the reason you should listen to this show.

"The Riot" is, for us, the podcast of Pagan podcasts. It's a glorious mixture of politics, current events, cultural essays, poetry, interviews, literature, and so much more. It's imminently relevant, and every bit as elucidating and deeply touching as it is entertaining. It's become an essential part of our consciousness and identity. You simply need to hear it. The Riot will change your fucking life.

We also want to mention that Fire Lyte, in addition to being an iconic podcaster, is a published author and a talented artist. Check it out:

Torch And...
Torch & Paintbrush on Etsy
TorchAndBrush on Redbubble

Inciting a BrewHaHa
This show, co-hosted by Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade, was perhaps the biggest inspiration behind what would eventually become The Priestesses. The original Moting and Being project was a similar concept, but this crossover between Inciting a Riot and Witches BrewHaHa is really peerless. It's funny, happily irreverent, and topically delicious. While they've been on hiatus for quite some time, the existing 32-episode run is infinitely more than well worth your time.

Witches BrewHaHa
The legendary podcast from the extraordinary Velma Nightshade. While new episodes are no more and it seems the show has run it's course, each episode was a gaggle of delights. With a dash of educational content, a splash of entertainment, and topped with great discussions, this is also one of our all-time favorites. We're very glad the episodes are still up and available to listen to, so that we (and others) can still listen from time to time.

There days Velma runs a wonderfully witchy Etsy shop that you know you want to visit: MagickalMiscellany.

The Wigglian Way
Sparrow and Mojo (aka "The Wigglians") run this Canadian podcast featuring plenty of music, great interviews, and really deep (if not personal) discussions about Pagan life. Indeed, it's the candidness and casual bent of this one that's served as a big inspiration to us over the years. It will delight your ears, tickle your senses, and warm your heart.

Lakefront Pagan Voice
Scarlet lives on the other side of our great state of Wisconsin. We wish we knew her better (and personally), but the journal-like entries of her show at least provide us a glimpse into her world on the shores of Lake Michigan. Each episode is filled with deep insights, clever musings, good music, and so much more. Especially if you live in the Midwest, and even if you don't, we urge you to put this in your earholes at least once in your life. You don't even need to start at the beginning. Just pick one from the archives that calls to you and make it your sacred rite to simply listen.

New World Witchery
For those interested in magick and folklore (especially the North American variety), this is the one. The BIG ONE. Few have been as prolific in their depth and content as Cory and Laine. Were we talking to you in person, we might shake you wildly in an attempt to convey the excitement and enthusiasm we have for this show. Sadly, we haven't been catching up with it as often as we'd like since we started making our own podcast. But that hasn't tempered the fervor we hope you might also come to share.

Modern Witch
OK, so we don't get to listen to Devin Hunter's fantastic show as much as we should. But rest assured: It's one of the damn finest podcasts around. The production is near (of not) professional and the interviews are killer. If your interests are especially based in magic and witchcraft, this will totally be your jam. Put. It. In. Your. Ears.

Down at the Crossroads
Christopher Orapello is the gent behind this indispensable show featuring interviews with all kinds of big deal folks in the larger Pagan community. There's also music aplenty. This is another one we wish we were listening to more often. It's seriously excellent on every level, and you absolutely deserve to hear it. In ages past, this show was known as The Infinite and the Beyond.

Borealis Meditation
Once a podcast, our beloved Kat Borealis explored the intersection of science and Pagan spirituality with segments on geology, magick, and more. Honestly (and embarrassingly), it's been a long time since we've listened, but it's good to see that some of the old episodes are still up for the downloading (You can find most on iTunes). For her more recent works, we highly recommend checking out her blog! It's filled with wonderful insights, cultural musings, and travel reports. It's very much our cup of tea.

There are many more worth your time, so please check out The Pagan Podlist! Happy listening, and as always: Peace out and Pagan on!


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