Episode 17: 'Tis the Season

Samhain and Halloween are upon us once again! Falling at the same time, do these holidays clash or compliment one another? Is Halloween too commercialized? Is Samhain too secular?

As we explore those questions and more, we talk about: The mainstreaming of the occult, family traditions, mixed feelings over Samhain and Halloween, planning and pacing for the fall season, secular and sacred circles, where the celebrations meet, Day of the Dead, trick or treating rituals, honoring ancestors, dealing with death and loss, making time to honor the dead, the veil between worlds, the possibility of an afterlife, the life cycle, ownership of our own terms, and much more.

Website: www.thepriestesses.com
Email: thepriestesses@gmail.com
Twitter: @ThePriestesses
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Music: Rebecca E. Tripp (www.crystalechosound.com)


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