Yes, Virginia, There Is a Patreon

Merry meet, everyone!

We've long been asked to make a Patreon for the show. And after a lengthy discussion about hosting fees, equipment costs/upkeep, and things we'd like to try in the future, we've decided to give it a go. Like the podcast itself, we're starting off small. You can check it out here:

Since the start, we've supported this labor of love solely out of our own pockets. Hosting costs, equipment, production time, everything. We'll still continue to put this show out free of charge, because we love doing it and ever want to share it. But the time has come to see what this support medium has to offer. Will it change how (and how often) we can make the show? Will it open new mediums? We'd like to find out.

We hope, if you're able, that you'll consider supporting this humblest of shows. And to ALL of our listeners out there in the Paganosphere - you have our deepest gratitude and many, many thanks! Peace out, and Pagan on.


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