Episode 41: Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke

The Priestesses go to the movies! Again! In this fresh installment, Amanda and Jacob "Ohm" in on the Studio Ghibli classics, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke. What makes these films so powerful, even today? What lessons and perspectives might Paganfolk find within them? And what makes a Princess a Princess?

Wading into the water includes exploring: Thematic similarities, liminal protagonists, complex antagonists, strong female characters, ritual purity, human action and inaction, the power and terror of rage, the might of nature, karma, some Pagan exegesis and eisegesis of the films, and much, much more. Miyazaki-sama, osoreirimasu!


- Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: https://www.fredrogers.org/media/mister-rogers-neighborhood/
- Return to Oz: https://movies.disney.com/return-to-oz
- Cleansing & Purification, pt 1: What is Ritual Pollution?, by Lady Althaea: http://www.ladyalthaea.com/every-day-is-magickal/cleansing-purification-pt-1-what-is-ritual-pollution
- Cleansing & Purification, pt 2: Signs & Symptoms of Ritual Pollution, by Lady Althaea: http://www.ladyalthaea.com/every-day-is-magickal/cleansing-purification-pt-2-signs-symptoms-of-ritual-pollution
- Cleansing & Purification, pt 3: What's the Difference?, by Lady Althaea: http://www.ladyalthaea.com/every-day-is-magickal/cleansing-purification-pt-3-whats-the-difference

Sharing Space:

- Full Circle Herbals (Erin LaFaive): http://fullcircleherbals.com/
- Learning Herbalism Workbook, by Erin LaFaive BS. MS. MH: http://fullcircleherbals.com/learning-herbalism-workbook/
- Lady Althaea: http://www.ladyalthaea.com/
- By Rust of Nail & Prick of Thorn: The Theory & Practice of Effective Home Warding, by Althaea Sebastiani: http://www.ladyalthaea.com/books.html
- Studio Ghibli (GKIDS): https://www.gkids.com/studio-ghibli/


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