Behind the Podcast: Visual Basics

OK, we'll admit it. Our blog isn't the prettiest, the most well-designed, or the the most content rich. But you know what? We're doing what we can for now. None of our web design skills are exactly sharp and we're sorely lacking proper art.

Speaking of which: Our show's album cover thing? Jacob threw it together in 20 minutes so we could finally launch the podcast. We found the picture by searching the Creative Commons, then throwing text on it using GIMP. Without art assets holding us up any longer, we were free to fly.

That iconic face belongs to actress and World War II era pin-up girl Dusty Anderson. Here's another one of Dusty, for good measure:
Dusty Anderson, circa 1945.
Doesn't she look fucking AMAZING?! We really enjoy pin-up girls over here!

Our original concept was to have drawn/sketched artwork for the show that featured us in some kind of kitschy, witchy pin-up type scenario, along with a stylized logo for "The Priestesses." Alas, it was not to be. That said, we're still hoping to create or find the funds to commission something proper one of these days. Until then, Dusty's working the witchface for us.


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