The Wheel Keeps On Turnin'

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Paganicon is fast approaching! By this time next week, we should be into the thick of it, rubbing elbows with some of the finest Paganfolk around. Hard to believe it and the Spring Equinox are upon us already this year.

We're recording another episode next week. It's on the calendar, at least. And it might even come out before the convention, should "El Producer" have it ready in time. Our intent with the last recording session was to do both the Roots and Branches episode, as well as an episode about a certain film (or films). Unfortunately, it didn't work out at the time. But fortunately, this has given us more time to plan the episode and expand it's content a bit. Also, we won't feel like we're rushing through it. Always a plus.

That aside, we've all been doing other stuff. Funny how life has a way of stepping in to overtake hobbies... like podcasting. Amanda's got a stunning bunch o' events going on this month. Aimee's been organizing group stuff, parenting, fighting the good fight against the microbes of Earth, and learning new professional skills. Jacob's been mulling over personal health (and related costs), career/education options, and what to do/where to go next. All of this on top of us working like beasts. Let it never be said that Wisconsin winters are uneventful or necessarily quiet. We don't stop for ice, or snow, or mild weather, or any damn thing.

All that said, we hope your winter has been well, and your spring blossoms sweet and true, with a promise of great things to come! As always... Peace out and Pagan on.


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