Episode 34: Money Matters

Money. What's it got to do with Pagan practice? How do we place value on our time and energy? What makes for wealth? And does luck or fortune have anything to do with it? In this deep pocket discussion, Amanda and Jacob are joined by small business owner and multi-modal practitioner, Hilary (the EC Energist herself)!
Skill, compensation, markets, the value of care workers, Star Trek economics, basic needs, economic justice, American Gods, debt, reciprocity, fortune, luck, fate, destiny, definitions of wealth, what gives value, time and energy, work, effort, responsibility, cows, the Norns, the Web of Wyrd, Under the Tuscan Sun, Where the Heart Is, serendipity, interdependence, survival skills, gifting, fair pricing, entitlement, organizing, facilitating, unconsidered costs, love offerings, adventures in customer service, and so abundantly more.
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  1. The guest came across kinda judgemental and bitchy when she was describing stores, other than that great episode!


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