Episode 13: Paganicon 2016

The Priestesses crew (along with their friend Jodeen) talk about their recent experiences at Paganicon 2016. This convention is held annually near the Spring Equinox, and is organized by the lovely folks of Twin Cities Pagan Pride.

In this episode: Conventions vs. festivals, local and regional Pagan community, the rise and growing visibility of modern Paganism, workshops, panels, the power of ritual and group experience, Vodou, Loa, possession, time limits, Shauna Aura Knight, Laura Tempest Zakroff, sacred sound, Heather Greene, witches, magical mittens, Cerridewn's Cauldron, note-taking, minzoku NEO-shinto, convention-going tips, and more.

Volkhvy's Minzoku Shintou Sources can be found publicly here:

Website: www.thepriestesses.com

Email: thepriestesses@gmail.com

Twitter: @ThePriestesses

Facebook: The Priestesses

Music: Rebecca E. Tripp (www.crystalechosound.com)


  1. Thank you for attending the Vodou ceremony - I'm glad you got something out of it! -Tamara (Mambo Chita Tann)

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